"With Lensoo Create, students and teachers can easily create multimedia presentations. The rich functionality of this app is unmatched and does not exist on any other Android app available on the market today. Students and teachers love using it."

Justin Hamilton Chief of Staff, Amplify

A subsidiary of News Corporation, Amplify is a company of education, design and technology professionals who are enabling teachers to offer personalized instruction so that students can become more active, engaged learners.

Education Challenge

  • Amplify needed a recordable whiteboard app for their tablets, deployed to school districts, so teachers and students could create and publish lessons

  • Live video recording capability was a critical capability

Current Status

  • Lensoo Create is installed on Amplify’s 40,000+ Android tablets for K-12 teachers and students


  • Strengthened the usability of Amplify’s tablet

  • Empowers students to actively learn independently while collaborating, teaching peers, and learning

  • Reviewing student presentations, teachers can truly understand the level of understanding of the student on specific topics