"Our teachers and kids are thrilled with Lensoo Create. The app allows every child to consolidate and share their knowledge, allowing them to run their own khan academy."

Rangan Srikhanta CEO, One Education

HQ in Sydney, Australia, One Education empowers educators to lead and inspire children to learn through innovative use of affordable technology. They are dedicated to ushering in a new approach to primary education around the world.

Education Challenge

  • Needed an app that empower children as creators, than as consumers of knowledge

  • Ability to import files, annotate them, and do live video recording was important

Current Status

  • 50,000 XO computers (Android), deployed throughout Australia, are using the premium version of Lensoo Create


  • Strengthened the usability of One Education’s XO computer

  • Empowers students to learn independently while collaborating, teaching peers, and learning

  • Reviewing student presentations, teachers can truly understand the level of understanding of the student on specific topics